23andMe – DNA Testing

November 11, 2012 in General by admin

Try the best for your DNA Testing. 23andMe testing will carry you far beyond ordinary testing.

See your ancestry composition.

At the heart of your ancestral journey is YOU.  Find out how much African, Asian, and European ancestry you have.  Even determine if you have Native American or Ashkenazi ancestors within the past five generations.  Your results may surprise you.

Watch your history come to life.

Make connections across cousins and continents.

As a 23andMe member, you will likely find dozens or even hundreds of relatives who share DNA and ancestors with you. Relatives range from close family to distant cousins. Learn what surnames, locations, and other illuminating details you share.

Keep discovering with us.

Stay at the forefront of innovation and research with our exclusive Ancestry Labs.

Our Neanderthal Ancestry Lab provides an estimate of your genome-wide percentage of Neanderthal ancestry.

DNA Melody, one of our newest labs, looks at several components of your DNA and crafts a unique melody based on your genotype.

These are just a few of 23andMe’s experimental labs.

There’s a story in you.

Venture back 10,000 years, and discover your unique history from over 750 maternal lineages and over 500 paternal lineages.

We trace everyone’s maternal ancestry with a small piece of DNA passed down from mother to child. Males can uncover their paternal ancestry through the Y chromosome that is passed down from father to son. Find out if you share an ancestor with famous figures such as Marie Antoinette and Thomas Jefferson. Paternal lineage is only scientifically possible for male members.

Cystic Fibrosis

One in 29 Caucasians carries a mutation that can  cause cystic fibrosis. If both parents are carriers of  disease-causing mutations, there is a 25% chance their  child will be born with the disease. 23andMe tests for the recommended panel of cystic fibrosis mutations,  plus several others.