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November 11, 2012 in General by admin


Dear Friends,

 It is my pleasure at the American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences, to share with you our long-term vision and the challenges of implementing that vision and mission with our two unique programs in genealogy, heraldry and documentary sciences.

The vision and mission of this new school is to facilitate the evolution of genealogy into a scientific discipline (similar to that which exists in Europe) within the mainstream of studies in higher education.

The Vision and Strategy of the American School of Genealogy rests on the united support of our committed faculty, in concert with our management team in presenting and defending a unified front of our world perspective about genealogy and its related disciplines and methods of presentation. We are, as noted, also moving toward creating a  scientific  knowledge based approach to the study of Genealogy that is aligned  with on-going research and development woven in the related fabric of the disciplines of history sociology, archaeology, genetics, microbiology  and documentary sciences. (3) Disciplines are needed to define the new academic fields as the related   fields bring to the student the insights, ideas and new theories of the developing field.

We are also aware that the hard sciences of physics, microbiology, and mathematics are related disciplines that are providing new knowledge and insights into the field of genealogy, and we have developed our programs accordingly. These related disciplines provides the student with a broad perspective of the growing field of genealogy long upheld in many overseas countries.

To build a scientific discipline there must be a special commitment of continuing research to expand the knowledge base of the inquiry.  This is beginning to take place with its linkage to genealogical theory. The American School is addressing the scientific methodology of grounded theory as a methodology, which is applicable to genealogical studies. In our certificate program the faculty  help students of beginning genealogy understand what theory is and how it can be used in genealogy.  The development of theory in a discipline is a necessary ingredient to lift the whole of genealogical studies out of its hobby mechanical strata.

For too long, Genealogy has been considered by many genealogists and lay individuals as a mere hobby and classified by many schools and societies in the United States as hobby based in such grouping as basket weaving or flower arranging. These same “professionals” then question why academics in scientific disciplines such as anthropology, history, sociology, and the other social sciences question genealogy’s position in a postgraduate program.

Carl Edwin Lindgren

Carl Edwin Lindgren, DEd, FCP, FRAI, FRSA

  • President, American School of Genealogy
  • Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science
  • Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute