d the name of the first author, a footnote should be inserted containing address and email of the first author. A separate copy with a mark through of the name will be submitted to the peer review board.

Abstract: italic, size 10 Roman Times font 2 line after the author’s position or school, the maximum length of 250 words. Key words should be one line after the abstract up to ten words. Place this on the cover sheet with the author’s information. Footnotes are to be used.

TITLE Example:

Educationists Who Assisted the College of Astrophysics in becoming an Early “Learning Organization” (13 point)

 Dr. Carl Stevenson, FSG, FRSA, FRAI (11 point)

PhD Dissertation Committee External Examiner, John Smith University (11 point)

ABSTRACT (Caps. 11 point)

The purpose of this article is to discuss the history of the noted College of Astrophysics, now located at the University of Bologna and more specifically its practical and theoretical development first as the Victorian Era College and later as an scientific force in the 20th and 21st centuries. Additionally emphasis will be placed on showing how the College developed as a “Learning Organization.”(10 point italics)

Key Words: women, employment, College of Preceptors, education, teachers, learning organization, schools, The Educational Times, Peter Senge, system thinking(10 point italics)

Introduction (Bold – 11 point) Do paper in 11 point. Each section should be so marked.

Tables and figures should be numbered (1,2,3 etc.), in italics centred. All tables and figures (drawings) must be black & white.

Paper – Use standard 8 1/2 x 11 with 1″ margin on top, bottom and sides.

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